Topsoil Plus

Topsoil Plus is a mix of 70% screened and processed native soil, combined with 30% Black Gold Compost. It is an ideal base for new lawn establishment.

Topsoil Plus is also an excellent choice for creating planting beds and establishing any area needing nutrient-rich soil for landscape use.

Topsoil plus is an amended silty loam soil, combined at specific ratios with our Black Gold Compost to achieve a good balance of structure and organic content.

Amending soils with compost helps improve soil texture, enhances moisture handling capabilities, boosts soil nutrient and microbial levels, and helps encourage nutrient holding capacity.

Available for pick-up at all locations.

Raised Bed Mix is an excellent choice for raised bed gardening. Formulated for both planting boxes and for raised beds on grade, this mix combines good drainage and soil porosity with good moisture-holding capacity.

Raised Bed Mix is great for vegetable, fruit, and flower gardens. RBM is formulated with a unique combination of ingredients in the blend which include native soil, compost, pine bark fines, and sand. An Organic (Omri Listed) starter fertilizer is integrated into the mix to help with quick plant establishment. An open soil structure allows for good drainage and allows roots to move through the soil more easily. In addition, the lower pH of this mix makes the soil more friendly to growing berries and other acid-loving plants.

Available for pick-up at Valley ParkFlorissant, and Belleville, IL locations.

Garden Mix is a 50% blend of screened and processed native soil with 50% of our Black Gold compost.

Garden mix is great for amending new and existing planting beds and for filling around new tree and shrub plantings.

Use Garden mix in existing garden beds to revive soils with a punch of nutrients and soil microbes. Blend or till Garden mix to sandy or rocky soils to improve soil quality and texture.

Available for pick-up at Valley ParkFlorissant, and Belleville, IL locations.

St. Louis Composting (SLC) Rain Garden Mix is a highly engineered combination of Sands, Topsoil and STA Certified Black Gold Compost. SLC Rain Garden Mix meets or exceeds all MSD specifications for Rain Garden (Bioretention) soils. This unique blend allows for high permeability and supports vigorous native plant growth. SLC Rain Garden Mix filters stormwater and allows it to permeate back into the native soils sustainably as nature intended.

SLC Rain Garden Mix has been installed on hundreds of MSD Bioretention projects in the St. Louis Metro and surrounding areas for the past 15 years. St. Louis Composting can provide all testing required to obtain MSD permits. St. Louis Composting has the ability to custom blend any engineered soil to meet commercial specifications.

Available for pick-up at Valley ParkFlorissant, and Belleville, IL locations.