Premium Field & Turf Enhancer

$41.00 per cubic yard

The ultimate organic additive to a natural lawn, sports field, or golf course. Premium Field and Turf Enhancer is created under the most stringent requirements of OMRI, an organization that reviews products intended for use in organic production. Premium Field and Turf Enhancer supplies naturally occurring plant nutrients and soil microbes to help turfgrass areas thrive. Apply after aeration to allow the compost to integrate into turf root zones.

Available for pick-up at the Valley Park location.

Cubic Yards


Our Premium Field & Turf Enhancer is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). It is produced to the stringent requirements of OMRI through expert, independent, and transparent verification of input materials.

This finely-screened OMRI Listed compost is ideal for use on lawns, playgrounds, athletic fields, greenways and golf courses. Field and Turf Enhancer encourages the growth of beneficial, safe microbes which are essential for plant growth and development. Topdressing with our Field and Turf Enhancer can increase the water holding capacity of your soil, making it more drought resistant. Topdressing over time can change the structure of your soil to a nutrient-rich soil with improved aeration. An application rate of 1.5 CY per 1,000 sq. ft. is ideal.

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Available for pick-up at the Valley Park location.

Recommended Uses

• A beneficial topdressing compost to apply to existing lawns after core aeration for a one-step turf renovation product in Spring (for warm-season grasses) or Fall (for cool-season grasses)
• Incorporate into new lawn development before seeding or sodding to allow faster turf growth and extensive root development
• Beneficial for any soils low in organic matter and/or lacking nutrients
• Specifically designed for use in top dressing and specialty soil mixes
• Specially sized for use with top dressing spreaders