Oak Bark Mulch

$30.00 per cubic yard

Premium, shredded oak bark for mulching around trees and in the garden.

Available for pick-up at all locations.

Cubic Yards


Oak Bark is considered the landscape standard of quality mulches. It consists of shredded and composted bark from hardwood trees. The bark is obtained from sawmills, aged at least 6 months, and then shredded.

Oak Bark is a green sustainable material manufactured from 100% oak logs that are de-barked in sawmills. It contains no wood fiber, only the bark of the tree. Wood fibers are used in creating other St. Louis Composting products so that no material goes to waste.

Available for pick-up at all locations.

Recommended Uses

• Excellent for weed suppression
• Encourages moisture retention and acts as a soil insulator
• Enhanced erosion control due to particle size
• Can be cultivated to restore color
• Long-lasting mulch that is slow to decompose